“Mom, that girl is here again…”

“Mom, that girl is here again.”

That’s what I woke up to in the middle of the night.  My daughter, in a sleep state next to me, telling me that this girl is here with us.  I have never heard of this girl.  I don’t see a girl.  That doesn’t mean I don’t believe that there is a girl there.  I tell her to go to sleep anyway.  What can I do?  I’ve been plagued with nighttime visions my entire life.  It was only natural that my daughter would be the same way.  Over the years I have learned to block it, but how do you explain to a child that she has a gift–a gift that can scare her, could even hurt her.  Do you say, “Oh, by the way, dead people can communicate with us and they will.  Get used to it.  Learn to control it.”

Each person needs to learn to control it in their own way.  All I can do now is try to protect her….

Later that night…I wake up to something in the room again.  I have my hand on my daughter’s arm.  I hear myself demanding that they GO!  I know I’m yelling at them to go away.  The dogs only seem slightly disturbed.  They go through this with me…with us…frequently.

“Mom, mom, it’s okay.  Go back to sleep.”

“I’m awake.  Didn’t you tell me there was a girl here?”  Silence.

“No.  I don’t remember that.”

“Okay.  It’s okay.  Let’s go back to sleep.”

This is a typical night.  It happens maybe once a week–sometimes more often, sometimes less often, but it is a natural part of our life.  My daughter has insisted on sleeping with me for the past year.  I don’t argue.  I feel this constant need to protect her during the night.  Her “gift”, if you want to call it that, is getting stronger.  The only way I can protect her right now is to be there with her to ward off these spirits.  She’s not ready for it yet and they are not all good.

I’m feeling sick lately.  I suffer from heart conditions.  Classic symptoms of someone who can see and speak to dead people.  Someone who attracts them.  Someone who tries to ward them off.  Eventually, it will get to you.  Everything is fine with me.  My blood tests are normal, most things are normal with me.  So why do I feel extreme exhaustion?  Why are some days so difficult to get through?  Why do I never sleep well?  I can tell you why.  Because I need to stop suppressing.  I need to find my inner self again, so to speak.  Have you had similar experiences?  Comment about them.  I’d love to hear about it.

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